The Tobacco and Literacy Education Project

Are you looking for teaching materials or lessons that will help prepare your students for the GED while addressing a real health issue affecting their lives and the lives of their family and friends?

Three new health literacy lessons designed for ABE/GED instruction provide compelling information about the hazards of tobacco use while teaching basic literacy skills. Each lesson comes complete with lesson overview, multiple learning activities, teacher notes and answer key.

Math Lesson: Calculating the Costs of Smoking

Students learn about the high dollar cost of smoking cigarettes while practicing multiplication and percentages, comparing quantities, and interpreting graphs.

Language Arts Lesson: Reading and Writing about Secondhand Smoke

Students enhance their reading, vocabulary and writing skills while learning that secondhand smoke harms the health of nonsmokers, especially young children.

Research Skills Lessons: Researching Tobacco and Other Health Topics on the Internet

Students learn how to search the Internet for health information and resources. They also learn about quit-smoking helplines and other smoking cessation support.